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Hi all,

I am running Windows 7/64 with a 8800 GTS and the 196.21 driver on a Samsung P2370 1920x1080 resolution.

I am getting very poor video playback. I know it's not a codec issue now. I'll explain why in a bit. The shadows on the videos look like 16 bit. Instead of a smooth transition from dark to light there is a 'rainbow' effect of a few colors. Similar to 16 bit.

While surfing to find the problem I came across a website that made it all clear. I scrolled down and found that pictures behave the same way when moved. Here is the site. Scroll down about 1/4th to the picture with the fish. Scroll lightly up and down. On my XP machine the picture stays solid. On Windows 7 the colors (where they fade) flicker as I scroll.


I tried the default Windows 7 drivers with the same result. Tried 16 bit color and the flickering is not as bad.

Please tell me if you guys are getting this on Win 7 and if you think it's a display driver issue.

Thanks for your help!

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Fixed it.

Samsung Monitor Menu - Picture - Response Time - Normal

If it is on "Fast" or "Fastest" the problems start.

Weird. Time to call Samsung support.


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Hmmm...interesting. Glad that fixed it for you though. Let us know what they say.

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