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    Hi guys,

    i was wondering if anyone could help. I'm currently trying to play a game and it crashes at the same point every time. i have tried re-installing but the same thing happens.

    Could someone please take a look at the crash reports for me and maybe offer a bit of insight as to what the potential issue could be.

    Ive tried opening the .dmp file in bluescreenview but i cant open it for some reason.

    Ive just found out im unable to upload mt .dmp file as it is too large, any ideas?

    Many thanks in advance
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    Sounds a bit weird that your .dmp file is too large. Mine are 256-285 Kb. How big is yours?

    Concerning games, overheating is a classic. It can happen with amazing precision at the same point of game --- and bang! That would mean dusting off, and checking fans work. Temps can be checked with many programs, CPU by Core Temp, http://www.alcpu.com/CoreTemp/, and more general by HWiNFO, http://www.hwinfo.com/. Do notice that program recommendations are relative.

    How is your computer working, in general? You could try some of the basics, download, install and run CCleaner, https://www.piriform.com/ccleaner Run it with default settings, and then run the registry part too.
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