Does a quest have a page file?


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After I installed Windows XP Mode on a host with 4GB of RAM, Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor said there was only 3GB RAM. By default a VM is assigned 512KB. Does a VM use a page file? What made Windows 7 Upgarde Advisor think there was only 3GB when 4GB of RAM is installed?


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I assume the XP is 32bit which can only use 3gb and although in a VM I also assume that it will behave in exactly the same way.


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I assume the XP is 32bit which can only use 3gb
My notebook is setup to run 32-bit OS and has a Core 2 Duo 2.2GHz CPU; 4.0GB RAM.

In quest OS I plan to connect a Lexmark X75 inkjet printer that works great but doesn't have a driver for Windows 7. I would also like to install Adobe Photoshop Elemnts 5 and Nero Ultra 7. How should I configure System Properties? On the Advanced tab, under Performance Options there is a setting for Virtual Memeory. Total paging file is 6074 MB. Should I increase this? I want to process image files with Photoshop and use Nero to burn disks with music.

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