Don't have permission to access C Drive.

[Just to state, I'm using an Asus laptop with Windows 7 RC version, 64-bit. Duo 2.0 GHz processor, 4 gigs of RAM, 512Mb of video ram]

That's how it started, after I left the homegroup I created.

I used MMC to change the owner back to my login name, and gave myself permission for everything I could. I'm able to get back into all of my files now I think, at least all the ones I tried. Tested installing a few things, worked fine.

Whenever I try to install the Microsoft Office 2007 Home and Student trial, however, there is always an error during the installation. I can't give any more details on the error because the only information it gives me is that an error exists. I know that it is compatible with Windows 7 RC Version because it worked just fine on my other computer.

I also find that I can no longer access this computer through the network from my other one.

Accessing the computer remotely would be nice, but I really need to get Office on that computer for the coming school year.

Can anyone help at all?

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