Double Trouble: wife has Mac I have Win7 64-bit--router keeps dropping one or the other


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Netgear 2.5GHZ wnr 2000. 802.11-n//// If my wife uses her just purchased mac, my win 7 64-bit pc is dropped from network. If I use my ms pc, her mac gets dropped. Talked to netgear, very nice support. can't seem to fix.
But wait, there's more. So bought Apple airport extreme dual band 2.5GHz/5.0Ghz---it has super reviews. Some say best router of all. Some reviews said, 'will remember MS or OX no problems. 'Plays well with PC/Mac.'
Where am I now? Same problem as before, but now have less money. Routinely add or re-connect whenever I need internet connect. Please advise

Hey there.

Update the router's firmware to latest.

Check all the machines for mdnsresponder.exe in the task manager. If found, completely uninstall the Bonjour service the proper way using the command prompt. Google if you need help on how to do that. It's easily found.

Change the channel that the wireless radio is set for in the router settings. Lower the beacon interval number too.

Update all adapter drivers to latest from manufacturers' sites.

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