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I'm still on 10130. Nothing I could find online ever allowed me to get past this point. Now there are no iso files to help me to the next level so I cant get any updates to fix the update problem. I'm so frustrated at this point that I just want my computer back. I spent days trying to get things working right and trying fixes. I assume I can't get to the full win 10 since it will be pushed out, and I can't go back to win 7 that upgraded from. Any last words of wisdom? So many people online seem to be posting the same question, and not one answer resolved it.


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I'm still on 10130. Nothing I could find online ever allowed me to get past this point.
I suppose one question and then a link. When you started using Windows 10, did you start through the Insider program by downloading or use an .iso to updare?

Maybe something there will help. If not, you might start another thread here to see if someone can help. If you post your registry entries, do not show the FlightingOwnerGUID number being used.


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And I forgot to mention, the later builds require you be signed in with a Microsoft Account.


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There is a link to the latest build ISO right here on this website
I would think that you could download that, mount it and perform and upgrade from within build 10130 simply by clicking the setup.exe file once you have the ISO mounted.... it should show up as an emulated Optical Drive.

As Saltgrass has said you current build has to be "activated" and it has to have a Microsoft Account associated with the install and as a bonus make sure that the Verify link under your account is gone, meaning you've verified your account on that machine.

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Here is important information regarding the Install.esd file for this build:

Windows 10 RTM Build 10240
MD5:      0ea69e936d3adae083cab94083d0614f
SHA1:     5c7a8fd5900774a731520d7de414e466b0879647
CRC32:    0438a212
SHA-256:  36ff3d026f6360761845c21a042b804b9b2a1f2ce9bb3de1916837fa2ac5bbf0
SHA-512:  05cd07af9b165acf7275d4a484e7c69c7dc6f9d86a09024c8a6624fc5486c33fa4591821b06b7ced53fa74fa3ed55ff7af11be32328e1da0cbd9c3b3adc85776
SHA-384:  cad3f8741b1a892072a5f49befd052eb707b49bc3f9134c7da6d1e125bf87dced9fed7abf4f2ec567c928fa0f2864762
Created Time: 7/2/2015 2:03:10 PM
Filename: Install.esd
Filesize: 2,812,209,364 bytes
US English 64-bit

This file is authentic from Microsoft and can be used to make ISO files. You can use a tool like [link deleted] to check this information. Unlike ISO files generated from the ESD, this file will always remain the same.
Funny, but my install.esd doesn't match your hashes. File size is 2,812,209,364 bytes. The registry matches everything except Product ID 00330-80000-00000-AA657. I haven't tried a clean install yet, but it will be necessary since this OS is all based on updates. ISO seems to perform, at least from within Windows. Well, just a note.


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MS Media Creation Tool x64.exe failed media creation to USB this morning for me. I chose for the tool to create 2 Windows 10 Pro versions - 32 and 64 bit. No data was written to my Sony 16 GB Flash Drive, the files were downloaded to the root of C:/ and hidden. I determined the download failed (incomplete ESD files) even though my wifi connection stayed healthy and strong.