downloading and opening files error with IE

Win 7 shows an error when downloading files; when you hit retry, it works but the file prompts you to"open with" instead of just opening. if you copy the file from another pc, it works fine. This is with ie. tried messing with security settings but no dice.

I would install i knew browser easy fix. I mean if your not a "die hard ie fan" that is. (don't know why anyone would be anyways in my personal opinion ie is terrible.)

I have seen this before in machines of my clients. It is misplaced to blame IE. When I have encountered this scenario it was the aftermath of the machine having been infected. You can try Malwarebytes & run MSE's scan, even a Repair from the OS disc but, I hate to tell you but, I firmly believe a rebuild is your only solution.



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Things sure are subjective. I have FF, Chrome & IE. Yet, I sure do prefer IE & the tests & research I've explored keep giving IE excellent marks. But, hey, that's ok & most I know are w/ IE9, as well as me.

Beauty is in the eye... u know the rest.


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