driver issue?


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Hello everybody I have a problem and I think it is a driver issue?
I have before windows vista and my network work very nice. later on I bout windows 7 upgrade.
And there the problem begin " the net seems to sometime disconect? it can be for just 3 to 30 second? and its starts again?? they told me that I maby need to buy a new lan adapter, ok I did so and its working little better?? but still same problem I bout tenda 10/100/1000 mbps
but there was no driver for window 7? do I need to buy another lan adapter again or what can I do? please help


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I found the solutions I bout power suite and run the program true and it´s found more then 300 problem that it fixt. And some drive upgrade. now it working very well
thanks to Power suite :) very good program I recommend power suite to everybody
Thank you


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