Dropped Password

I just received a new laptop with Windows 7, I log in my username and password, I get the message my password is invaliad. I attempted password recovery and get the same message. Now I am locked out of my system. Any suggestions other than reformating the harddrive?:(

Google cd080802 it worked for me.... it's an iso you write to disk... pretty simple, very effective ... just remember when you clear the password.. WRITE back to the hard drive. That part wasn't clear to me.


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Thanks for the tip about how to use it tb. That will be useful to the OP.

The link I posted above is the very same app. you mention. Snap.


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Is this the first time you have used the new computer or have you been able to log in before? Always watch the caps lock key, which may have been suggested. Did you enter a password remimder?

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