Windows 7 Dual Boot Windows 7 EN with Windows 7 FR


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May 7, 2009
I'm a sadistic French student, so I'm attempting to dual boot Win7-French with Win7-English. Here are my speedbumps so far:

  1. The default boot menu just lists the operating system name, since both are called Windows 7, it's unclear. How can I rename the menu options to clarify?
  2. I would like to run applications from a single drive, to avoid repeating installation. Is it possible to have installed applications on E: available to both Win7 installs (on C: and D:) [this one, I suspect isn't easy or possible without major registry work, which I don't know I'm up to, but the worst I can do is force a reinstall, and Win7 installs so smoothly]
I appreciate any help.

Does the French version allow you to download an English MUI from MS Updates?

Use EasyBCD 1.72. It allows you to name each accordingly.