Dual Boot Windows 7 EN with Windows 7 FR

I'm a sadistic French student, so I'm attempting to dual boot Win7-French with Win7-English. Here are my speedbumps so far:

  1. The default boot menu just lists the operating system name, since both are called Windows 7, it's unclear. How can I rename the menu options to clarify?
  2. I would like to run applications from a single drive, to avoid repeating installation. Is it possible to have installed applications on E: available to both Win7 installs (on C: and D:) [this one, I suspect isn't easy or possible without major registry work, which I don't know I'm up to, but the worst I can do is force a reinstall, and Win7 installs so smoothly]
I appreciate any help.

Does the French version allow you to download an English MUI from MS Updates?

Ed Dixon

Senior Member
Use EasyBCD 1.72. It allows you to name each accordingly.


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