Dual screen problem, closing laptop lid moves everything to external monitor


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I am not too sure whether this was a TMM problem or was it my graphics card... But I am sure that when i had TMM disabled in Vista it fixed this issue so in Windows 7 right now, whenever I close my laptop lid (while connected to an external monitor) it moves my desktop to the the external monitor... I tried disabling TMM through regedit but that did nothing..

I was wondering if anyone knows how to fix this issue? so then my desktop does not move over whenever i close my laptop screen?
I am using Windows Vista Ultimate 64bit, on a HP dv6500t with NVIDIA 8400m gs graphics card

thx for any help


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Sounds like it could be a problem with Power Settings.
Open the start menu and type "power" and under the Control Panel section, click "Power Options"
Now in the left hand pane click "Choose what closing the lid does"
Now change the settings to "do nothing" for both "when plugged in" and "when running on battery"


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no, it is not a problem with Power Settings :/ it might be the graphics card drivers or TMM but I am not too sure about it so I was wondering if any knows