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    Hello folks, I discovered this forum via. Google and it looks like you guys could definitely help me out with the problem I'm having.

    I just wiped my Beta release from the partition I have for Windows 7, and installed Release Candidate 1 last night. Everything went fine and dandy until I got to my desktop, and noticed that my dual monitor wasn't working right.

    The problem occurred when I first tried to change the resolution on my secondary monitor. The screen went black as normal, but when it stopped, the screen lit up and all I saw was lines. I manages to correct this by setting the resolution to 1024x768, then reverting changes to 800x600 (Yes, it's a small monitor). That worked fine, and then I shut down for the night. I booted this morning, and the same thing.

    Does anyone know why it's doing this, and possibly because it's not properly keeping my resolution files or something?

    EDIT: I should note that pressing Windows+P, selecting Duplicate, and then pressing same combo again and switching back to extend will also correct the screen to normal.
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