Windows 7 "Dun Testing W7 32X" -- 99.999% Satisfied. Now for X-64


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Hi everyone
I'm now satisfied on my laptop with the X32 version of W7 -- now Hauppage Win TV is also working.

My Lan card which I could NEVER get to work either on Vista Home premium X-32 or W7 X-32 worked straight away . (Via velocity family gigabit ether net card). Wireless wasn't an issue. That worked .

The only thing not currently working for me is alcohol 52 (Virtual Drive / ISO mounter) which I can live without until the final.

Issues with Winamp (no CD ripping options) disappeared like magic as well.

Most of the issues I had originally were actually because I did a CLEAN install -- normally this is the preferred method for installing an OS but with a Beta I'm not so sure a clean install is the best method as there are bound to be "pieces missing".

So I went from XP==>VISTA ULTIMATE==>W7 X32.
Now although I got to W7 via a bit of a convoluted route - like magic all the issues I had just disappeared. BTW I didn't actually activate or use Vista Ultimate as I "Borrowed" this from another computer --you still get 30 days before you have to activate anyway. If you go this route do the Vista ultimate updates before the W7 upgrade.

For some old legacy hardware which I know will never work on VISTA / W7 (Manufacturer long since gone to that "great Factory in the Sky") I've still got a very satisfactory Windows XP Virtual Machine. Also use this for copying Music to Minidisc and some Pro music applications which aren't even VISTA ready yet.

On a 4GB laptop with dual core there's plenty of memory and processing power to run the VM when I need it.

So I've "Dun Testing" on W7 X32 -- will keep it on this laptop and probably use the same method for going from XP PRO ==> VISTA ULTIMATE==>W7 when the final appears depending on what options are available at the time.

Photoshop CS4 also FLIES even on X32 -- W7 obviously makes much better use of the FULL installed memory.

Roll on W7 Final -- I'll certainly be getting the W7 X32 version for the laptop. Now If I could wrap up issues with X-64 I'd be really happy. I'm testing that on a 8GB machine with Q9400 Quad processor.

DO everyone take IMAGES of various stages of your OS and data -- Backup is the whole key to avoiding a lot of frustration and being left with an inoperable machine. My XP image which I've archived on to 2 DVD's and a USB external disk can be used when I eventually load W7 final (if I have the same issues with Clean Install).

ALWAYS KEEP MORE THAN ONE COPY OF BACKUP Preferably on separate media -- I'm almost paranoid about this == 3 copies 2X DVD's and 1X USB Disk. There's almost nothing worse than trying to restore your backup and then find the restore program can't read your only copy of the backup.