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When you drag from a drive to the same drive, it will move it and not copy it. Library folders are usually on the C:\ drive and so is the desktop. So dragging it will move it. If you want to copy it, right drag it and then you can copy.

I don't understand what Book 1 is (folder... group... ?) , so you will need to make another screen shot. Sorry about that.

Please read this from Microsoft so you can understand how libraries work. The article also includes a video.
Get to know libraries - Explore Windows - Microsoft Windows

Book 1 snip.PNG I have read the articles several times, and still can't do what needs to be done.

The "Book 1" is a folder in My Pictures, that contains 19 photos. When you open "My Pictures" in the Libraries, there are icons of all the folders in My Pictures....then when you scroll down to the bottom of those icons/folders, There is "Public Pictures" folder, and under that is "My Music"....under that heading is "Public Music", and under that is a listing "Book 1 Pictures (19) with all those photos open on the screen. as per the snip shot. It is this group of pictures that I would like to get off the computer...but if I move them, the original from the Book 1 folder in My Pictures is deleted from that folder. I have tried different ways to delete or move them out, but nothing has worked. The instructions from one of the articles gives information that I just cannot find...it refers to listing above the Libraries, and I have not found how to get that to come up.

I hope I have explained this so that you can understand. Thank you for your patience.


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You are very welcome.

Sorry that I can't duplicate the situation, thus helping you faster, but I have disabled libraries on my computers since I don't use them.

I think it's just a grouping issue and settings need to be changed.

This guy had a problem and gave a solution to his own issue and that helped others. See if it your problem too:
Windows 7 tip: use Group by to merge and manage library views « Tim Anderson’s ITWriting

Also, do delete\move\copy\manipulate folders\files, why don't you just go to the source (C:\Users\[{Your-User-Name}) and you will see all the folders there and you can do what you want with them without the confusion of the libraries.

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Maybe the attachments will help clear up your original problem. What you need to remember is when you are working with libraries, you are not adding actual folders, but locations. When you look at a folder in Libraries you are looking at the original folder and whatever you do will be done in the actual folder.

But you are working with Locations in the libraries. Doing what I show will remove the My Pictures Location you seem to have, but will not delete the folder My Pictures.

Libraries are just a way to conveniently see all the folders you want containing certain data. If you wanted to add a folder from another drive, or even from your network, you could see it there.

You should never have to hit delete during this process.


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Yes! The left panel "remove from" thingie! :) I use it too.


Thank you! Thank you! This worked like a charm.....now all those extra images are gone, and pictures are only where they should be...in My Pictures. This is really a miracle for me. I get really frustrated with myself and my PC when things get all messed up....it is so great to be "back to normal" again. You have really explained things so that this old "dummie" could understand.

This is the answer to my problems....many thanks to everyone who helped me! This is such a great group. I appreciate all the patience shown me. :)

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