Duplicate printer driver


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Windows keeps installing a second copy of my (Canon) printer. One that is none functioning so that when users select the canon they may well be sending to the Canon Pixma (copy 1) - which doesn't actually talk to the printer, so the document just sits in that dead-end.
I can delete it from the Printers folder - but it still appears in the programmes Print drop down printers list.
And at some point it will reappear in the printers folder too. How do I a) remove it from the drop down list and b) stop it coming back?

I think it reappeared when the (wifi) printer has been disconnected from the network, because it was briefly unplugged, this time, but that may be a coincidence.


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Thanks, I'll uninstall the Canon printer drivers and download fresh copies.
But I don't understand this bit " This time do not allow the installation process (program) to automatically install and setup your printers. "
So if I don't run Canon's installation how do I install the printer's drivers?


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I can't uninstall and reinstall if I'm being told not to run the installation scripts and haven't been given an alternative method.


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Plug the printer in and right click the printer, right click the printer and select update driver. Then locate the .inf file to install just the driver.

For some home class printers vendors don't make this easy to do.


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OK thanks, I'll do that.
(Still leaves me with the niggley feeling that it shouldn't ought to happen in the first place- but of course that's not your fault).


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I uninstalled the printer's software.
I ran the manufacturer's install software which reinstalled the printer. One copy of the printer appeared in the programmes' drop down lists.
I rebooted my computer.
A second copy appeared in the programmes' drop down list. Clearly it had installed a second copy of (something) on boot.
I removed it all again. I downloaded a driver only install.exe from manufacturer's website.
And it was exactly the same as the above.
There's no zip file that I can install an .inf from or anything like that.
But it seems as if Windows is finding a driver install file and forgetting it already has one installed, when it reboots. I can remove this from the control panel's printers page, but it still appears in programmes drop down menus.