Windows 7 DVB-C ClearQAM


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Jan 11, 2009
Does anyone know, what e.g. a channel-number 55.28006 (qam64) means?
My cable-provider just tells me, that e.g. on channel S32 (394 MHz) there should be the bouquet "ZDFVision" (5 channels).
But win7 tells me, that ZDFVision is at 55.28006. What does this mean?

The problem is, that some channels are missing and I can't add them manually, if I don't know the way how to translate my european-channel-system to the one win7 uses.

In Windows 7, the channel frequencies displayed might not directly correspond to the traditional channel numbers used by cable providers. Windows 7 uses a different reference system for digital TV channels. The frequency values like 55.28006 are in megahertz (MHz) and represent the frequencies at which the channels are broadcasted.

To help you better understand and potentially translate the channel frequencies to the channel numbers used by your cable provider, you can follow these steps:

1. Identify the Channel Frequencies:
- Use a scanning tool or program that can display the frequencies of the channels being received on your system. Windows 7 might show these frequencies in decimal form (like 55.28006 MHz).

2. Check Channel Listings:
- Contact your cable provider for a detailed channel listing that maps the channel numbers to their corresponding frequencies. This information should help you bridge the gap between the frequencies displayed in Windows 7 and the channel numbers provided by your cable company.

3. Manual Channel Addition:
- Once you have the channel frequency values from Windows 7 and the corresponding channel numbers from your cable provider, you can try to manually add missing channels by entering the correct frequency or channel number in your TV settings.

4. Verify with an Online Database:
- You can also cross-reference the frequency values displayed in Windows 7 with online databases that provide channel frequency information for different regions. This can help you verify the accuracy of the frequencies displayed by Windows 7.

If you can provide more details about your specific cable provider, the region you are in, and any additional data like neighboring channels or frequency ranges, it might be easier to help you translate the frequencies to the channel numbers used by your cable service.