DWL-G122 unable to connect to my Wireless network


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I have today got around to downloading and installing the Windows 7 Beta from the Microsoft website. Installation went fine, and everything runs, with one notable exception....i have no internet. I have been using the DWL-G122 for the past year or so on my XP computer, having gotten it with my D-Link router, and later on with my Belkin router when the D-Link router died (it was second hand and about 3 years old, so not really mourned). Anyway, after reading about Windows 7, i was told the best course of action was to use Windows Vista drivers, so i went to the D-Link site, downloaded the provided Vista drivers, and went about installing them. They installed fine, the device is shown as functioning, and i can, supposedly at least, connect to my network. It says im connected, it accepts my WPA-PSK Key (after i remembered which encyption i used :p). Its definitely connecting, as it has collected an address from the DHCP server built into my router.

***Read here for just the problem***

However, the network is showing in the Network Manager as an unidentified network, and i cant connect to the internet, or ping even locally. Does anyone have this device and has dealt with this problem, or can anyone recommend a (relatively cheap, and in the UK) device that will work, bearing in mind that due to the location of my computer it has to be a USB dongle. Thanks in advance for your help, and Hi.

EDIT: Also, after posting this, i just noticed there was a better place for this to be, so appologies for it being in the wrong place

Sorry to double post, but i seem to have sorted the problem without quite knowing how...nothing has changed on my PC or network, but i can access the net now, so all is good
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