EASEUS Partition Master won't create new partitions

Hello everyone, I want to thank this community for such a well maintained website. It is really helpful.

I want to let you know that EASEUS Partition Master Home Edition v 5.0.1 will not create partitions out of the unallocated disk space I made in my hard drive using this application. When I put the mouse pointer over the unallocated disk space, the feature for creating partitions does not get available.

I am starting to think that the OS i'm using doesnt allow any more partitions. It's Win 7 Home Basic. The machine is a HP pavilion dv4 laptop computer. The partition master 5.0.1 shows me a display more or less as follows, indicating that I have four partitions:

\: SYSTEM NTFS 199.00MB (size) 32.14MB (used) 166.86MB (unused) System (status) Pri/Log (Primary)
C: NTFS 226.81GB (size) 161.64GB (used) 65.18GB (unused) Boot (status) Pri/Log (Primary)
* Unallocated 58.80GB (size) 0 B (used) 58.80GB (unused) None (status) Pri/Log (Logical)
D: RECOVERY NTFS 12.18GB (size) 10.16GB (used) 2.02GB (unused) None (status) Pri/Log (Primary)
*: HP_TOOLS FAT32 103.34MB (size) 7.42MB (used) 95.91MB (unused) None (status) Pri/Log (Primary)

It isn't the first time this happens, I remember trying to create a new partition with Win 7 integrated application but having always the same results. Is it because the unallocated disk place appears as logical but it should be primary?
Well, I'd be pretty thankful if anyone has some lights about this respect, because I really don't have the smallest clue.

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Hi! I see you have the latest Version.....OK

You're allowed four primary partitions ( For the sake of argument say: OEM Partition, C, E, F) On hard disk. (You can send a screen shot if you're not sure...)

So, you cannot create anymore partitions. If you want to create more partitions, you can follow these instructions

1) Run product, select the last primary partition (Partition F) and delete it.

2) Select the unallocated space, choose "Create" to create a new logical partition. You can resize the size of the partition.

3) Select the rest of unallocated space to create another logical partition.

4) Apply these operations.

Hello Celestra, thank you very much for your fast answer.
I'm not pretty sure of what you're asking me, so I'm going to send a screen shot...


Kind regards!

While MiniTool Partition Wizard can do creat partitions.

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