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I recently lost everything on my Windows Vista hard drive, however I had everything backed up on Easeus Todo data recovery which I discovered stores everything on PBD files which can only be recovered through Easeus.
My problem is that I now have a computer running Windows 7 and the original Windows Vista files were saved on a separate external drive, when I run Easeus it finds all the backups but cannot load them?? Am I correct in thinking that I will need to run Easus on a Vista computer to retrieve my image files?
Any advice would be great


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Well, more specifically, you will need to run the EASEus backup image on the SAME Vista Computer you created that Backup image on, not ANY Vista Computer.:noway: That image is tied to your exact hardware, Mobo, Chipset, BIOS, Hard Drive, etc. Unless you have the paid version of EASEus, restoring images to dissimilar hardware is not possible using the free version. :noway: