Windows 10 Editable folder details


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Aug 27, 2017
I have this problem...
How can I add editable information, about different folders.
I give you example in the image. (Ignore the winXP looks, it is just example :-D )
In the ,,User editable,, field, i need to write my notes in single words, like: red, do not open it, still working on it, etc...
Can i do something like this in Windows?

Thanks for the advise.
(Windows 10, x64, Home (ver.1703))
Not easily, no.

You can do the following.
  • In Explorer, right click on the columns and add the 'Comments' column
  • Open a command prompt and for a given directory type attrib +s <foldername or complete path>
  • Open the directory and create a file called Desktop.ini it must be saved as unicode
  • Add the following items in the file
InfoTip=This will be your notes spaces are ok.

The InfoTip will show in the Comments column and when you hover over the directory
I have little problem with cmd...
As you said, i am writing in cmd: attrib +s D:\Not my files\File
But after pressing Enter, error pops up: Parameter format not correct -
Any thoughts?
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