Enable Logon, Logoff and Shutdown Sound Scheme In Windows 10


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Hi I want to make the system sound when ever I Logon, Logoff or Shutdown my PC.
I already went through the process (regedit) of enabling the option in the sound scheme but any sound I put in there doesn't sound.
There are work around that I found that use .vbs and PowerShell Commands using Task Scheduler, but it's not the ones I Want.
I want to play the sound I have chosen under the sound scheme settings not open a file from (C:\Windows\Media\file.wav) because I use themes and when I change the theme the sounds doesn't change cause its opening a file and is not going through the sound scheme.
If there is any PowerShell command that play the Logon, Logoff and Shutdown from the sound scheme settings section I will appreciate it.
The picture I uploaded will show you what Sound Scheme Settings I'm Referring too.
Thank You for your cooperation


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