Windows 8 End users, OEMs, Windows 8 and Microsoft following Apple's business model!


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As you may know that Microsoft is making its own "Surface" tablet as well as its own smartphone. And it seems their intention is to make everything like notebooks, desktops, ultrabooks themselves, just like Apple does and this has already created tension between MS and the OEMs. May be MS completely adopts the Apple model and stop licensing Windows 8 to OEMs and end users. I am very worried about this prospect! I am primarily a desktop user as well as I use a HP laptop. I like to build my own PC as it is cheaper and I have all the freedom to choose the hardware for it. But if what I mentioned above really happens I won't be able to do that! Its easy to say that I could simply buy the desktop made by Microsoft. But that would be very expensive as far as I think. And if MS started to build everything, I would not be able to buy Windows 8 as well as hardware to assemble my PC as the hardware manufacturers would stop making it for the general market. Also I won't be able to buy a cheaper alternative from any OEMs. Do you think that all can happen? And if that happens, what would be the possible alternatives for the end users like me? What are your views. Kindly inform. :upset:
Hmm.. I've not heard about ms stopping end users buying their software but I guess anything is possible. I'm sure we will always be able to buy a copy of windows regardless of what the current state of the art is..
I believe Microsoft will be making versions of Windows for both Tablets and desktops or laptops. Like Windows 9 desktop version, Windows 9 Tablet verion. Its much better to make separate versions instead of one version for all and I think people will speak up and they will make those changes. Windows 8 is their first OS to set out and crush Apple, and other companies in the tablet world. I do believe they will continue to re invent the desktop system and do many new changes and features in future versions of Windows. That being said, If you want to stick with windows 7 and wait for windows 9, 10. Then go ahead because 7 is a really good system, Microsoft will always bring changes to the electronic world. They changed things in every version of Windows they have made so don't be upset or worry about the future because they will continue to bring new and exciting systems up as time goes by. Microsoft is doing better by listening to people, they are just focused on being number 1 right now and thats good because we need something better then the IPAD, it sucks and charges you for everything you do. They are trying to help everyone, and thats a damn good company in my opinion.
As you may know that Microsoft is making its own "Surface" tablet as well as its own smartphone.
Yes, I think most of us are aware that Microsoft has announced that they will be producing "Surface" Microsoft Surface Keynote - YouTube
A hardware device to host their new flagship Operating System (Windows 8). That 47 minute YouTube video of the keynote address is well worth watching and I think even their most vociferous detractors would have to admit that it appears to be a great piece of technology.
As best I can determine at this point, the rumors that they are going to introduce their own phone are, just rumors. But who knows, the secretive development of the "Surface" which I'm certain involved months if not years from conception to end product, certainly took almost everyone by complete surprise. So I would think that a physical handset to also host Windows Phone 8 is not too much of a stretch and I only hope that the same attention to detail and craftsmanship that went into "Surface" will be apparent in any such product.

I think that there is a great deal of knee jerking going on currently from primarily the media, as that seems to be what drives their ever-present 24/7 news cycle. There are and probably should be concerns voiced by OEM Partners, but as Ballmer suggests in his statements, those relationships between software and hardware have always been push / pull. And I think and hope that Microsoft's "Surface" will push OEMs to develop even better products for their respective consumers. And someone has to push the envelope to encourage exceptionalism. If that chore is left to Microsoft then I think that the "Surface" is a pretty good first try.

As far as not being able to purchase any version of Windows for your PC sometime in the future, I think is crystal ball extrapolation, from no known or available facts at this time. As Kemical says, anything is possible, heck even the Mayans could be right, but I won't be planning my future based on conjecture.