Endless Restart BSOD cycle

Yesterday I was watching a video on youtube and my got a notification to restart so windows could fix something. I closed everything and restarted and when my computer turned back on it tried to enter automatic repair mode. Then a blue screen loaded saying there was an error and it would restart (it said "FAT_FILE_SYSTEM was the error). Then it would load again and go to the blue screen but this time the error would be "NTSF_FILE_SYSTEM. Now it just rotates in an endless cycle. I can get to a reset menu by pressing "0" when I turn it on, but I need a recovery drive to do anything. All I can find is how to create a recovery drive from the desktop, but I can't get to the desktop to create one. Where can I download one to another computer so I can put it on a flash drive and put it on the problem computer?

Windows 10
Toshiba Satellite p55t-a5118


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what you can also do is download the Windows 10 iso, boot from it and then use it to access the recovery section. If you have access to another computer then this is probably your easiest route unless you know a friend running windows 10? You could always ask them?
Here's the link which will lead to the iso:
Windows 10

Lol! I forgot to mention once you get access to the machine please read the thread here and post the results:
How to ask for help with a BSOD problem
If you find you have no dump files then change your settings thus:
Open the run application.
Type sysdm.cpl in the run box and click ok.
Look across the top of the system properties box for 'Advanced' and click that.
Look for 'Startup and Recovery' near the bottom and click 'settings'.
Near the bottom you'll see a drop down menu under the heading 'write debugging information'.
In the drop down menu choose ' small memory dump (256KB)'
Under 'small dump directory' make sure it says %SystemRoot%\Minidump.
Click ok and your good to go.

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