Windows 10 Error 0x0000007E when installing new hard drive?


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So I just tried to take out an old 160GB hard drive that was a secondary drive that had nothing to do with windows and tried to replace it with a 1TB as I needed more space

The computer can get into BIOS but cannot get into advanced options for windows nor can it access safe mode in any state. Instead it attempts to boot and gives me this...

The only things I can think of that caused this is maybe my boot order got messed up in the process of switching drives but I took a look and everything seems normal. Then I thought that somehow my old hard drive could’ve had some very important windows system files and removing it cause damage?

My Boot drive is an SSD

I don’t know what to do because I’ve done everything I can do with the limited amount of options that I have as I cannot even access safe mode

Any help will be sincerely appreciated and it’s probably a simple fix and I’m just being dumb
If you put the old drive in does it work again? Also that is not a Windows 10 bluescreen that looks like Windows XP.