Windows 7 Error 0x11112 (VSS specific error)


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May 13, 2012
I use NovaBackup 12.5 for disaster recovery backup. Recently, before the process starts I get this error message: Error 0x11112 (VSS specific error). Sometimes the program freezes, can’t even be closed directly, only from the Task manager. On other occasions it continues: VSS technology tries and fails to restart 3 times 1 minute apart; then another message: PSR environment requires reboot do I want it; when I select reboot, the computer does so and the backup is done like normal.

I’ve found a similar problem on the net. Somebody who uses Paragon got the same error message, i.e. it’s not a particular issue of Nova. On the other hand, I also use Shadowprotect 4, that performs the same task smoothly, i.e. the problem is related to the kind of the actual backup program.

The error occurs at backing up the system volume only, data volumes, partitions on the same internal hard disc, can still be backed up by Nova as usual.

I’ve checked that the start-up method for VSS is set automatic. Also, the disc is in perfect shape (no bad files, no un-indexed files, usn journal verified, the volume is clean).

How to fix it?

Thanks a lot.
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