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Windows 7 Error booting up?


New Member
Jan 19, 2009
"The Computer restarted unexpectedly or encountered a unexpected error. Windows installation cannot proceed. To install windows, click OK to restart the computer then restart the installation" It says that almost no matter what i do! please help.
I'm installing in a 20 gig partition, second OS windows 2000 pro.
If you created and formatted the 20GB partition in W2K, try deleting the partition.

Then restart the installation of W7, and create the partition using the W7 setup.
is it possible to test the dvd using a virtual machine like vmware just to make sure its not the dvd thats knackered?

I just managed to install it, thanks for the help. this is how I did it for future 'newbies'
1. Install it 2 times if the first install fails
2. Prepare for a long day installing it
3. Give it a lot of patience
4. Dont smash your PC!

Thanks a lot for the help!