Everything freezes on windows 7

Back when I had version 7229, something really frustrating would often come up. A random application I was using would stop responding. I didn't think much of it because I thought, well it's pre-rtm so there's bound to be some problems, right?
Well, after adding a second monitor, the freezes began to increase in number. Sometimes I would have 3 things freeze at once, including the start menu, so i had to force reboot and start all over again.
Then the RTM came out. I was excited. I went and got a copy, and installed it to see if it would fix my problems. It was fine, for 3 days, and then it started happening again, with increased ferocity.... For example, this morning, I had several apps open (Safari, Thunderbird, iTunes, Notepad, Adobe Reader, etc.) and they all "stopped responding" one after another, sometimes even before I clicked on their icon in the taskbar. Then the taskbar froze. Then the desktop even froze. the only thing I could do was move the mouse, and whenever I clicked on something the whole thing would freeze up
so... any ideas? :frown:

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