Excel Formula bar is causing blank sheets

I currently have a user who is running Office 365 Pro. There are multiple people in her group but she is the only one to have this problem. When she opens Excel, all the spreadsheets are white. If she minimizes the spreadsheet and then maximizes it she can see the spreadsheet with no problem. If I hide the formula bar and close the document and reopen it, everything shows up as normal without having to min/max the screen. I have disabled graphics acceleration in options, re-installed Office, recreated spreadsheets but have yet to come up with any solution so she can keep her formula bar up. This is more important to her than having to minimize/maximize Excel. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. I'm hoping this is something simple I have missed or a fixlet somewhere I can get.

Negative, Looks like below.


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Google "best excel help forum" and check some of the hits. My guess is a file association issue and/or a validation slow down of some sort. Good luck. Let us know.

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