Explorer Crashes While Opening Folders with .flv content.

Abhi Nash

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Hey Guys...
So I've been havin' this problem for a couple of days now.
Whenever I open a folder/drive or view a .flv file[in my pc and not my browser] explorer crashes and my CPU Usage goes up at 100%.And I have to restart Explorer.exe everytime this happens.I dont really know when this problem started cause I dont use much .flv files...
Any Ideas On How To Fix This?
*Thanks In Advance


FLV files are comparatively new to the computer world and not many Players can play them. Windows Media Player, in it's generic form, as it comes with Windows, cannot play them.

However not all is lost.
If you will download and install the "K-Lite Codec Pack" for your version of Windows, it will allow Windows Media Player to play almost EVERY kind of audio/video file, including .flv files.

I never set up a new PC, without installing the correct "K-Lite Codec Pack" and then testing WMP for its ability to play all A/V file types.
I even do this for my customers who use XP with older versions of WMP. It works every time.

* There are separate Codec Packs for XP, Vista and Win-7. Make sure you get the correct pack for you OS.

Those Codec packs are updated just about weekly, so if you install one, keep it updated.
Signing up for daily updates from "File Hippo" will help you stay up to date on all your drivers, players and popular software.
Give that a try!

* Since the Codec Packs allow WMP to play ALL file types, you can usually UN-Install 'Quick Time' and 'Real Time' and any other specific players you may have installed. Just set the Codec Pack, during installation to ALL file types.

Cheers mate!
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Abhi Nash

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I have it on my PC,and I dont think its causing the problem either Plus I've always used WMP to play all kinds of video including .mkv and as a video editor i use Sony Vegas Pro 11 and always export in .wmv format...Do you think Vegas is causin' the problem?



I find so often that a person, will put a program on their PC and then think "That's it! I'm safe!" and nothing could be further from the truth. I see this almost every day in my own computer service business.

K-Lite Codec Pack is like an AV program, they are updated weekly. So anyone wanting to keep their PC up to date and running smoothly, should make sure that all their Service programs, like K-Lite Codecs, Shockwave, Flash, Java, PDF Readers, Anti-Spyware and Anti-Malware software are kept up to date.

I head off many possible problems on my own PC and the PC's of my customers, by installing the very latest update to all of the above mentioned programs.

I visited one little lady one day who had computer problems. I was glad to see that she had Spybot Search & Destroy on her PC, but then I was horrified to find that in over two years, it had never been set up properly or updated and NO scans had ever been run.
It was just sitting there on her hard drive, like a mushroom, doing her NO good at all.
I reinstalled the program according to my custom setup and got the updates, ran the Immunization and a full scan and took out over 200 pieces of Spyware. She still won't turn her hand to do anything for herself, like getting updates for the program or running a scan.
I do that when I go there about every six months or so for a tune-up.
If it were not for AVG 2012 FREE , getting it's own update and running its own scan every day, she would have no protection at all.

I said all that, to say this, 'Make sure all your update-able programs are at the highest level.'

Cheers Mate!