Extension in all browsers stopped working.

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    Hey Gang!
    This is a mystery to me. I, primarily, use Firefox as my browser in win 7x64. Yesterday I noticed that the mouse gesture extension stopped working! So, I uninstalled / re-installed..., nothing! Then I tried installing a different gesture extension for Firefox and nothing still! So I opened my Chrome/Dragon browser and found that the mouse extension there stopped working also. So, now I'm thinking it's something in Windows? Maybe I toggled something on accident? I use right mouse button as activator for gestures. Now, when pressed, all I get is the normal "options" box in both browsers. Every now and then I'll see the mouse trail start, but disappear and "options" box is back..

    Extensions not at fault; my "right-click" capabilities are disabled completely!!! Even after,"Clean Boot", "Safe Mode", restoring system to earlier state, etc. Can you imagine not having any Context menus period?!!!! Please Help!
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    POSSIBLY re-install your mouse driver. Maybe it will work? I don't know and I've never heard of this extension before.

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