External Hard Drive and Homegroup

Hey.. I've been working with this problem for quite a while now and have come to no resoultion.

To begin I need to say that my Homegroups is working great. Have Windows 7 installed on a laptop and a desktop and are able to see the music, documents, pictures, and videos libraries fine. The problem is when i try to "Share" an external hard drive ( H: ) on the homegroups it will only open a new window of the sharing tab of the properties for the drive. I even tried adding H: to the music library (since the drive is full of music). The H: drive will show up locally in the music library on the desktop but will not show up when viewing within the homegroup from othe other computer.

I made some screen shots to better understand what I am talking about..

First, attempting to add folder to homegroup with read/write access:

Second, when I choose Homegroup (Read/Write) all that pops up is the sharing menu for the H: drive.. not too much help seems to be there..:
http://www.writetobyte.com/windows7help/two.JPG (had to make link. i'm limited to 4 images?)

Ok.. Didn't work... Now this is attempting it by adding H: to the Music library:

Locally, on my desktop in the Music Library I see my H: drive:

But on my laptop no such success.. it just doesn't show the H: drive at all:

If anyone could help it'd be greatly appreciated!

Seeing your external hardrive on the newtwork

Hi, I ttoo had thsi problem But i figured it out! All you have to do it Right click on hte hard drive and say you want to shar it with everone if you are the only one. Now It dosn't show up wear you think it should in the libray cuss it is not a folder you are shareing it is hard drive so it would be under computer that is wear you will see it. And funny but you wont see it in homgroup not sure why perhaps the same reason I am not sure why now go to your your main computer and click on network and you should click and open it up and you will see your external drive. It will say the letter of your drive and show it is sharing but when you click on the folder and open it should show the content of all your stuff now if you want to say put your fold in your favorites to easy access then right click on that folder and click on properties and in the target put the address of that folder in teh favorite folder and there ya have it at least that is what I did hope this helps ya. If for some reason it dosn't work tell me and I will see if i said anything wrong here and check back. Good Luck And of course make sure your drive is turned on.

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