F2/F12 disabled Bootmenu disabled


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I have a Lenovo B570e series laptop. Unless I remove my hard drive I cannot acces my BIOS settings.
When I force my laptop entering the BIOS I noticed an '!' before 'Boot Menu' in the Boot Priority Order. (see attachment).

How can I fix this?


My guess is the BIOS are corrupt....you can pull the CMOS battery out for 5 minutes and then re-insert battery and check issue. See video...it's a bit tedious.


The video is just show where/how to get to CMOS battery.....just a reference point is all. As for removing the battery (portable power source) and HDD....I don't know....just good safety practice I guess.


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Thanks for your suggestions. I tried both, none was succesfull.
When I press F2/F12 at boot I am sent to the Windows Boot Manager.


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What I can't see is, if you can get to the main BIOS window. There you should see something like "Restore safe defaults". Sometimes these are just oddities, like I've had my Asus mobo reporting "Overclock function not working", or something, when I didn't have any overclocking!

Sometimes CMOS batteries fail, to get a new one doesn't cost much. If it's a new comp with warranty, take it to service, it shouldn't act that way.

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