Windows 10 Fan speeding up with no reason in windows 10

Ralph Bromley

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Okay having a very annoying issue with win10 as of late and its been baffling the heck out of me, my CPU fan without any good reason speeds up every so often in windows 10.

It doesnt do it in Linux, I have tried an array of software removals, virus scans, system shutdowns, cleaning dust out my system but for some confounded reason it only does it in windows 10 with little to no reason.

I can eliminate its my CPU, sure its a stock intel cooler but if it was a fault with my cooler dont you think it would effect linux as well?

I can eliminate my antivirus, I had panda free antivirus and removed it... installed another AV (avira) but still the issue comes with no explanation.

I have checked for steam running in the background, checked off any apps that might cause this in my system tray, turned off cortana, everything under the sun but still cannot figure this one out.

Perhaps windows 10 hates me...


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Mine only does that after resuming from sleep. So I'm wondering if you issue is similar