Filw deletion issue!

I am having an annoying problem that I would appreciate some help in resolving.

I have deleted and reinstalled a game program, now, three times. Prior to the last installation I went thru and defragged and used disk cleanup. I got the same results: Instead of installing new files from the installation disk, it simply reactivated the old files and thus gave me the same problems I had when I deleted the game in the first place. Furthermore, there seems to be an update issue as well. When I add mods to the game in question, the software does not (always) seem to recognize them.

From what I have learned, this is a Windows issue. Can someone tell me how to end this problem and get fresh/updated files instead of the old files?

I hope this made sense.


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After uninstalling it is common fo some files, folders and registry entries to remain behind. Then look in the program files directory and see if any files or folders relating to the program have been left behind; also run a search search for any files or folders relating to the program. Run ccleaner which migt help clean up any junk and also to clear the registry which may have entries left behind from the uninstall.


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Hi rpsmith and Welcome to The Forum.

Further to Pat's excellent advice, what is the game you are having issues with??

use revo uninstaller to remove the program and reinstall it.

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See if the software maker has a cleanup or uninstall tool. When you look for files left behind make sure files are not hidden. Besides looking just in programs also look in program data. Then go into users and look around there.

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