Finally have a new vehicle! :)

Hey gang,

I finally have a brand new vehicle!! It's a 2010 Ford Ranger (Sport)! It only had 90KM's on it when I drove it off the lot.. Dark Grey Metallic.. Standard. 4.0L.. Drives like a dream.. :)

I can finally put my Intrepid out of it's misery!! ;) Great working car but it's time with me has come to an end...


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Congrats! Enjoy the new truck!


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Whoa, when I first saw 90KMs, my mind went wow 90,000 miles on a 2010 truck...not good, then it kicked in and I realized you were saying 90 kilometers, much better. Hope you enjoy it sounds like a nice vehicle. Those intrepids were great vehicles, and I still like the looks of the body styling.

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