Firefox connection settings greyed out.

I am an IT person. I create images for an organization. I get a base image from our organization, tailor it for our specific needs and create the new image. We are using Windows 7 Enterprise but are not using a domain controller (No AD). The problem is someone at a high level recently mandated some changes including replacing IE 8 with IE 10. I used to set a proxy for the system and both IE and Firefox were able to utilize this proxy. Because the IEM is gone from the local group policy, I am unable to set a global proxy. It's OK on IE 10 because I can still set a proxy through IE 10 on a user by user basis. However, when I try to set a proxy for Firefox, the Connection Settings are all greyed out. I assume there was a registry or group policy change that casues this because if I use an older image, apply IE 10, I am still able to set the proxy on Firefox.

Does anyone have an idea what registry or group policy setting would disable this. Thanks.

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