Firewire port doesn't work with Win 7

Hi all!

I ve recently installed Windows 7 to my machine.
Having overcome many drivers problems till now I came up with another one. My pci firewire card. Windows seem to have installed the driver for the card as I can see from the device manager list.
I ve tried after this check to connect my Sony handycam to the mini firewire port to capture a movie from the camera to the pc but i realised that the pc cannot see any camera at all...

any idea why this is happening? is this a driver issue? the card doesn't have any drivers cd with it and it was working fine while using windows xp.

How old is the card in question? It could be that that particular card is not compatible with windows 7. What is the make and model of the card? It may require that you get a new one.

You have an M-Audio interface? (I'm guessing heh - I have a MOTU Traveler! :) )

Anyhow, visit the manufacturer's website for both the camera and audio interface to download the latest drivers and install them.

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