Flickering on Dual Monitor Setup

Hi all, I am new to this community and it is good to see an active forum for Windows 7.

I just installed Windows 7 64 bit few days ago and all seems to be working fine. Two days ago I bought a new Acer X233H 23" monitor and use it as dual monitor with my existing Viewsonic VA1912w 19" monitor. I found that my Acer monitor is a bit flickering when I am scrolling down a vertically long page on web browser and (windows) file browser. It happens only to my Acer monitor regardless I set it up as Monitor 1 or Monitor 2. But when I pulled out my Viewsonic and use the Acer as single monitor the flickering symptom gone away.

I use ATI HD2600XT 512MB graphic card and have installed the latest driver for the graphic card and both monitors. And I have also installed ATI Catalyst 9.9.

I am running out of ideas on how to solve this problem. Unfortunately I can't test this dual monitor setup on other operating systems. Any input on what I should check out? What's the issue most likely? I should not be the monitor as it is fine on single monitor setup ... so it could be the compatibility with Windows 7 (64bit in particular)? Is there any known issue on how Windows 7 is handling dual monitor?

Thank you for your help.

hey flake...let me understand something....is the viewsonic VGA and the other DVI or are they the same?

hi kevin, thank you for your reply. They are all using DVI.

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