Folder images persist after the folder has been moved

I installed new folders, then decided I wanted to move them to become subfolders of another folder. Drag & drop (left-click) moved the folders to become subfolders, but left the folder icons in the old location as well. When I try to delete them, I get an error message saying the folder doesn't exist at that location. OK, it shouldn't, but why can't I/how do I delete the (old) folder icons? Yeah, I know, I should have used the right-click rather than the left, but stuff happens!


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Sounds like you may be having a problem with indexing.
You can rebuild you indexes your self by typing
indexing options
into the start orb search box and hitting enter
then click the advanced button and
then the rebuild button
Or you can try this tool which I suspect does pretty much the same thing.
Diagnose and repair Windows File and Folder Problems automatically
Keep us posted.


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I had a similar problem yesterday.

I moved all my photo folders into a new master folder with other personal stuff.

An hour later I couldn't remember where I put them, (I'm 73 LOL) I ran search for Nikon, part of one of the folder names.

Search came up with the folders but it showed them at a location they were not in and as 0 byte folders.
I was worried for a few minutes until I found them where I had put them all intact and OK.

I'll try the rebuild indexing thing myself.

Thanks for the tip.


No need to apologize, Randy, I appreciate the response. Rebuilding the indexing didn't work. Neither did Diagnose and repair Windows File and Folder Problems automatically. I found a page on the MS answers site that had an approach based on a CLI. Their specific text didn't work, but I was able to step through the directories to find the area. The 'phantom folders' didn't show up, but when I returned to the Explorer screen, they weren't there anymore either. Not sure how it fixed itself but a win is a win, even if its ugly.


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The indexing repair worked for me, the phantom folders are gone and search located the correct ones on the first try.

Thanks for the suggestion.


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