Folders missing from the additional hard drive.


I have two Internal Hard disks in my system. First one is partitioned and used for system. i don't have problem on this hard disk. My second hard disk is 500 GB, and is not partitioned. I m using this drive for storing movies and music. The problem I faced is two of the folders are missing from this drive. THese two folders have several files. All other folders and files are intact. I just checked hard disk's used space and found to be 463 GB. I then selected all folders and viewed the combined spaces(including hidden and system folders) and I found it to be 389 GB only. Where are my these two folders? How can I retrieve it? Where is (463-389=74 GB) of space which is included in drive's "Used Space" metrics.

1. I m running windows 8 in my PC.
2. No restore point enabled in this Hard Disk.
3. CHKDSK returned no Error, no bad sectors.
4. I searched for files that were in lost folders, I didn't find it
5. And the interesting fact, remaining space on hard disk now is exactly the same as it were before when these two folders were not lost.

Any Help is highly appreciated.

Thanks a lot


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I would try downloading and installing AgentRansack.

It is a very good search engine, once it's installed run a search for some of the files that are in the missing folders as you did before, I've seen Windows not find things, but not AgentRansack even things that were hidden.

If the files have a specific extension search for *.extension, if you know something in the files you can have it search for that along with the extension, for instance, the words registration and serial number found all the documents on my computer about my software registration information, on all four hard drives in just a few minutes.

Have you used any software that hides folders?
I have done this and then forgotten that I hid them, I'm 75. LOL

Check Disk Management and make sure there isn't a partition you don't know about or something strange, see what it says about used and free space etc.

My last idea is to try and run Recuva from Piriform.

If they have been deleted by accident somehow, it may find them.

That's all I've got maybe someone else has a better idea.


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Hi thanks for replying. I did try checking with disk management tool, no suspicious thing found. I also tried using recuva. It shows deleted files from all folders except from these two lost folders.
I will use agentransack tool and will let u know the result


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Have you tried the search with the command prompt, as suggested to you on another forum?

Quote "Open Cmd prompt and from the root of your drive type "dir /s /ah filename.ext" where filename.ext is the name of the file you want to find."

Yes I tried with command prompt, I get "File Not Found" message.
Agent RanSack didn't work as well


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Sad. It looks like you may have lost the files.
One suggestion. Download a live DVD/CD, and have a look at the hd from there. But as you have a working HD, that may be a wasted exercise.

Interesting is the 74gigs missing space. It really does look as though something is there. Have you tried any third party "undelete" programs.

Yes I used Recuva. It shows files deleted from all the folder, but not even a single trace from the folder those were missing.
The interesting fact is the remaining hard disk space around 2.2 gb, is exactly same as before those two folders were missing

I used WizTree tool, This showed me that the contents of my first lost folder are in found.000 and contents of lost 2nd folder are in found.001 folder. I just know Found.*** are system folders and I m quite not sure how my files went there. Is there any way to recover these files, these system folders couldnot be accessed directly via Windows Explorer ("Gives Access Denied Error")


WizTree Tool also allowed me to recover those files just by cut/paste


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Have you checked in Folder Options as shown below? Check show hidden folders and uncheck hide Protected System Folders.


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I understand he has solved his problem?


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Also good software for recovery files is GetData back..
Always worked nicely for me!

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