Font family is scattered around

I have attached image. So I have installed font family and instead of being in one tab it went crazy in software. I just want to chose font and the change style of it in next tab, but this way I have around 400 fonts which really annoying and time consuming. It started happening after I have reinstalled my Windows. How can I make so one font family would be in one tab?
It's happening in every single software I use


You have several things going on. The true type fonts and the ITC fonts are different publishers' versions of the same font family. I would just uninstall the ITC versions where you have duplicates and keep the true type version. Many fonts actually have a separate font file for each version of the font (bold/weight, italic, etc.). The applications software is smart enough to recognize font families and presents them as a single font where you can choose the variations in the application. That's just the way the fonts are stored. There is no way to reduce the number of files unless you start deleting variations (in which case, those variations won't work if you select them in the application). Where you have a separate file for bold, italic, etc., those should not show up as separate fonts in your applications software.


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The more you install, the more you get. The situation with codecs is somewhat the same. I agree with Fixer, uninstall any extra and start again.

Your fonts are found in C:\Windows\Fonts, unless they get installed in a separate folder, which I can't see in your screenshot. You can manage them, but then you need to know what you're doing. I have 144 fonts, all Windows original. I would suggest to only add special fonts you really want - individually. No packages. Be the leader of your computer, that is.

Pauli has a good point with the font packages. At one time I went nuts with font packages, basically loading every package I could find. There were hundreds of REALLY cool fonts of every conceivable variety. There was the better part of 1,000 font files taking up space on the hard disk (I wouldn't be surprised if it exceeded the Windows limit). I think over the course of several years, I actually used only a couple of the extra fonts for stuff like making a greeting card. In reality, unless you are in the publishing business, the vast majority of people use only a couple of fonts for virtually everything. You are better off keeping the extra fonts stored offline with some form of "catalog", where you can view what the fonts look like. Load additional fonts when you want to use a specific one.


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Don't tune the car unless you know what you're doing - the problem with computers is... it's all so very easy and simple: just click Ok, Ok, Ok... and the Heaven is yours.

Doesn't really work that way. :confused:

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