Fonts disappeared from fonts folder!

I recently installed over 12,000 fonts and after having my system continually freeze and searching blogs have realized it can only handle approximately 800 or less. When I go to the fonts folder it shows there are 0 files but when I copy a font to the folder it states it exists already.
I have tried restoring the folder by right clicking but it will not do it. Is a system restore the only option here? or is there another work around to see the fonts and delete the fonts that were installed on a certain date?


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Is it possible the fonts are hidden?

I have changed the folder setting to show hidden files and folders and still nothing shows.


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I don't think taking ownership of a file will help you to do so with a file you cannot see?
Sorry if this is to simple, but I have to ask. You are looking in Windows/fonts?
It could not have happened by default, but another possibility is they are hidden through language settings.
Over on the left of the opened font folder, select "Font settings" and ensure that the box "Hide fonts based..etc" is unticked.
If the fonts have been moved during the process of your installing, you could try a search for one of the rare fonts, and see where it end up. For example, Cambria??

Posted quite a lot on the site, but there is an easier way to take ownership of a file or folder. open the attached and run the install reg theirin. This will give you a right click option to Take ownership on the file/folder.

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Thank you for all the help I got it to work.


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Glad you've fixed the problem! Thanks for using the Windows 7 Forums.
See you around! :)

how did u fix the problem??

What caused the problem for me was that I installed way to many fonts. So basically I did a system restore to the day I installed the fonts and everything returned to normal.

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