fonts not being read by explorer


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i have this weird problem where in i have a chinese or unicode font and i can read chinese text in a browser, however the title bar and the filename of the files which contains unicode characters are appears as boxes, im having a hard time figuring this out since, some time the fonts work, sometimes it wont. anybody having this issue?

BUMP! here are some screenies

imgur: the simple image sharer
imgur: the simple image sharer

my itunes library appears as boxes, but sometimes it works.
i can browse chinese websites, but as you can see the title contains boxes also..

i think the font being read by the explorer gets corrupted, anybody know what font is it?


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I don't know that much about the fonts, but I would ask if you are using a Chinese language pack, or what exactly is you situation in relation to using Chinese?

Other than that, possibly certain fonts on some websites may not have an exact or even usable substitute---

im not using any language pack, as chinese character appears "normally", but for some unknown reason, it wont appear properly.

there are times, that when i reboot my computer, it fixes the problem, or sometimes clearing the fntcache, however im looking for a more concrete solution for this.

i also have one alternative in mind, and you also mentioned font substitute, is there a way to know which font the explorer uses for unicode/chinese characters?


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Maybe someone will know for sure, but most browsers have ways to alter what fonts are used on web pages. I believe you can choose to the the web fonts or ones you designate. Perhaps you could test that setting.

Other that that, all I could suggest if you understand HTML coding is to look at the page's source to see if a font is named.

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