Fonts not showing up

Matthew Lala

New Member
jp, to use unlocker, rather than just try to delete the file normally, you have to do this.

Right click the problem file and choose "Unlocker", and then it should ask what you want to do with the file, you'll get a box like this:
Choose delete from the dropdown and click OK, and it should delete.

Worst case scenario, it might say it cannot delete the file until the next reboot, and so you just need to go through this process with all the files you need to remove, then reboot once to finally get rid of them.

Remember that it's not enough to just delete them from the windows font folder, you also need to make sure the list of fonts in the registry is up to date - meaning if a font is removed from the windows folder, it also must be removed from that list. Otherwise you'll get problems and errors later.

Check back to post #7 for instructions on how to see this list and remove fonts from it:

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