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Discussion in 'Windows 8 Help and Support' started by Drew, Jul 14, 2012.

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    Problem is that Windows 8 is so much like Windows 7, there is little to discuss. This is also evident from the lack of objective posts on Windows 8 forums.
    " Strictly negative comments on a feature of Win 8, IMO, do not add to the overall discussions of Win 8, especially when all these items have been discussed in great detail previously. " There are quite a few positive comments which have been discussed over and over again, also. I am sure I am not alone when I say I am bored with repetitive posts regarding the use of the Metro screen and its alternatives and the hackneyed phrases such as "Under the Hood/cover".
    The majority of writers on forums are giving Windows 8 the thumbs down. That is there prerogative. But I do feel that most are jumping on the bandwagon of earlier, similar remarks.
    I have no objections to Windows 8.As I said in another thread, I regard the Metro as a graphical menu and, as such, it is does not need computer science to master it.
    But, undoubtedly, as admitted by Microsoft themselves, and most observers, it is built primarily with Tablets/touchscreens in mind. I cannot really agree that the small performance improvements would justify anyone, who is happy with Windows 7, to customise it so that it has the look and feel of Windows 7. No biggy, in that case, to remain with Windows 7. Nor, in that context, can I see that using everyday functions is any easier than they were on Windows 7.
    I will be moving on to Windows 8 as whatever the circumstances, it is a move, however small, forward. By the time of the RTM in a couple of weeks, I have reason to believe the Metro screen will be much more customisable. This will ease a lot of doubts.
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    I never said I didn't like Windows 8, I like the Idea of it. But I do not like how it is put together, I mentioned alot about how I would like to see features be put into it. A better start screen with better colors or animations for backgrounds, Aero, and more options to make it more customizable like on\off options and start screen, user account options.
    Windows 8 is not the worst OS in my opinion, It is above many others which are much much worse. When I tried it out I did like the ideas MS had, I just prefer to wait and see what the final release will look like. Then I might try it again. I have gave Windows 8 both postitive and negitive feedback which is good because people need to be honest so MS can listen and take people's feelings into consideration. If we don't let MS know how we feel then we might not get everything out of an OS that we want.
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    At this point in time I would not get too excited about performance nums. Let's wait until we get a full blown system comparable to our today's Win7 workhorse systems - then we'll see.

    I remember very well that the Win7 Beta performance was also better than the final product.
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    thank you so much, your informations is very helpful and good
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    Appreciate what you have expressed, thank you. Very nice that you found value in what was written.


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