Windows 8 Maybe (A Response)


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Maybe there could be room for not finding the Win8 UI flawed or something that makes people unhappy. Maybe it is ok & there is no need to make the OS into something it's not... that being some previous OS. Many people cannot agree that it suffers because it was made for certain devices... one of the primary design goals of Win8 was that it be happy on all devices; that includes non-Touch PCs & laptops. Maybe there is a tendency to beat-up on the UI and maybe that is not truly deserved. Maybe there is a tendency to lean to heavily on the Start screen, to dwell on it & negativity towards it, too much. And there sure is nothing "experimental" about it.

Maybe, in contrast, allow for or @ least consider, the following:

1. There is a Start icon in Windows8... a rectangular button.
2. I have no idea what to make of "Charms vs CP"... Charms gives certain useful things or gets to them. Control Panel is nothing like Charms & CP is no different than ever in Win8. Further CP is easily accessible via the Rt Clk menu @ the Bottom-left Corner.
3. Start can quickly & easily have ONLY the tiles one chooses to have or leave there. They can be made such that they take up no more space than can be completely seen w/out any scrolling
4. One can, even, have NO TILES, except for Desktop.
5. One can, after going to Desktop, stay there & never visit Start, again.
6. In reality, one can access, find, go to things more directly, faster, more efficiently in Win8 than ever before. (fewer clicks, less digging)
7. The "How Tos" for navigating Win8 are easy to find.8. The learning the ways of Win8 is quick & easy, albeit, somewhat different than the past... but, that does not make something bad.
8. No matter the superficial cosmetics, Win8 is, still, a Windows computer, a Windows OS. Fundamentally it's, still, the same kid w/ a different coat.

I will adamantly stand on the notion that the hurddle needing to be overcome regarding "smooth (End User) experience" is sitting in a chair. Those of us who are happy w/ Win8 had to get comfy w/ it. We'd not seen anything like it, before, either. But, in jig time, w/ a willing open-mind, were keen, interested & enthusiastic to figure out how to use something that is a bit of a departure from the familiar. Personally, I will stand firm that attitude is the problem not, a UI. Not denying it's a change but, that in itself doesn't make it "unusable"... in actual fact, it works very well & no kidding there is, absolutely, a fine OS beyond & besides any Start screen.

I have felt since the onset that if people get the impression, from others, in advance, that Win8 has some horrid UI it taints their approach to it. I feel it may be better, more productive, more naturally positive an approach to know, in advance, there is quality OS, w/ many virtues that has its own way of functioning. Let them approach it prepared, ready to expect things not seen in prior Windows Operating Systems. But, suggesting what they will see is yucky, just sets a person up to fail.

As for 95% of time in a UI when not in Programs... not quite sure what you mean. Whether I'm working in a program, looking @ photos, working or playing, creating something in Word or playing Backgammon, in an APP, program or anything, I'm, still, 100% on the Desktop & using the UI. But, sure not overwhelmed or hog-tied by a Start screen. And, I sure don't worry about any "clunkiness" of pinning things to Start since I don't pin much of anything there and why, since I don't visit Start for anything, anyway. Pinning things to the Taskbar, now that makes sense. As someone mentioned, be it on the Desktop or on the Taskbar anything can be pinned there... their 'way' & suggestion was Folders & subfolders therein... pretty clever, really.

Myself, w/ the Desktop Toolbar enabled and an Applications folder on the Taskbar and the Bottom-left corner menu just FLY @ things or throughout things w/out, any need for Start, ever, @ all.

This UI is going to be all over the place in the years to come. Maybe there is more than 1 way to look @ it. One that "tolerates it" & one that makes an effort to embrace it.

Just suggesting that, maybe, just maybe, it is, also, possible the UI is ok in Windows8

I agree with you Drew, and someday after the release I'm sure windows 8 will be a much more fine tuned OS then 7. It is already pretty speedy, and with more and more companies developing drivers for 8 It will come together to be even faster and more powerful. I would say driver support is around 40 - 50% right now. But around release time I'm sure everyone will put the drivers out and MS will have done more fixes to 8 making it a rock solid OS. I liked Metro and personally could do without the start button. Programs where easily pinned to Metro which I liked too. My only reason for turning back to 7 was because I'm a gamer and the video drivers for my laptop is not available yet. But AMD should come out with one soon. its radeon hd 4200 series card. Anyway good post Drew.