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    Hey all!
    I'm about half-way set up to solve a problem that came in the snail-mail. Here's the back story.
    My current 64 bit computer and my wife's current 64 bit computer are both on their last legs. She goes online and gets replacement computers to tide us over for a few years. Major problem was discovered when replacements came in. They're 32 bit machines. We don't have 32 bit version of windows 8.
    We're lucky to still have 32 Bit Vista and I was able to get a Windows 7 .iso at Windows 7 forum... and a very nifty little zip file at isoutil place I read about at CNet that makes the .iso a universal download.
    Now, my wife is completely unhappy with Windows 8 and prefers Windows 7 and that's fine. Me, I want to keep upgrading my new machine to windows 8. (Not 8.1 - I'm not that impressed with it so far)
    Is there a page somewhere in this forum that has downloadable W8.iso? Please post reply on line here and I'll get back when I can. Thanks!
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    NO...there is no place to download an ISO of windows 8 legitimately or legally. If you purchased or have the upgrade version of windows 8, using that, during the install you are given the option to burn ISO image, so you can install from a DVD and do a clean install. Which is what most of us has done.

    Windows 8 Upgrade ISO - Download or Create
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    While Windows 7 is legitimately hosted on DigitalRiver, there is no option for Windows 8 ISO. If you have a legitimate license key, you can download and run the Windows 8 upgrade path installer here: Upgrade to Windows 8 with only a product key - Microsoft Windows

    There is little we can do about this right now. If you have a legally purchased license of Windows 8, you may want to actually contact Microsoft Support directly and ask them if they can send you a link to a valid ISO. The reason we can not give out torrent links and such is that can cause copyright problems. We do not have redistribution rights to the OS itself.
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    You know that you can buy Windows 8 in the shops. I bought all my Windows 8 CD's from PC World a big computer store in England.
    Windows 8 comes in both 32 bit and 64 bit DVD both are included in the pack along with the product key that you must enter before installation.

    Alternatively you can buy directly from Microsoft online or by telephone order from the Microsoft website here-

    As Windows 8 is only being sold as an upgrade you must have a version of Windows already on your computer prior to installation.Though you can select Custom Install and format the drive during the install. Which is then a clean install.
    There are 2 versions- Windows 8 Upgrade which is the equivalent of Home Premium and Windows 8 Pro. Both come in 32 bit and 64 bit. Take your pick.
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