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    Operating Systems: Windows Vista and xp prem. Types of computers used: Desktop Computer Number of Windows Vista installations: 1 Manufacturer: Other / Not Listed Make & Model: vista home premium build 6000 Processor: 2.67 Gigahertz Intel core 6700 2 duo, 64 kiobyte memory cache,4096 kilobyte secondary memory cache Motherboard: Intel MAIN CIRCUIT BOARD DG 965RY. Video Card: Nvidia GeForce 8600 Gts display adapter 256MB Memory: 2 GB RAM 240 pin ddr2 sdram Hard Drive: ONE 300 gb Monitor: Ig Generic PNP Anti-virus Software: Norton AntiVirus Sony DVD AW- G170A ATA Device. Ihave two hard drives 300gb and 80gb. And have vista and xp to boot .
    I WOULD LIKE TO NO HOW TO FORMAT THE DAUL BOOT WITH VISTA AND XP WINDOWS. AND LOAD A FRESH SET OF WINDOWS, WITH TWO HARD DRIVES. I have a virus and need to crash it. I have done all the scans i can think of.Norton, skybolt, adaware,spy doctor, xoftspy. Is there any better virus removers.

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