[Free App] Kickstarter Browser

I'd like to share my latest app with you. It's called Kickstarter browser and is design to help you find kickstarter projects which you find interesting. It has more advanced search options than kickstarter's regular website.
The App gives the user a great overview of projects and with the advanced search makes it easy to find specifically interesting projects. The apps combines the ease of searching for projects while giving the user full control of he/his account by giving the user access to the Kickstarter website.

Unlike the normal search found on Kickstarter.com this app has the ability to search for project by looking through project descriptions to find matching words (which might not be found in the project name or short description) and also other advanced search options such as not showing projects which has ended.

Since I released it 2 weeks ago I have released 2 updates to the app and will be releasing updates regularly every/every other week. Please download it and tell me what you think. I'm open for all kind of feedback and suggestions which can improve the app.


I hate how it feels like I'm spamming/bumping my own thread but I just want to keep you guys updated and hopefully get more feedback from you guys! :)

So I've just got the post-Halloween update certified. Change log:

Revamped start screen
Added playback controls (Play, stop, mute, video time bar)
Added video full screen playback
Added sorting projects in search
Added backgrounds
Added browsing categories in search screen/start screen
Squashed bugs

So this is the first update based on feedback from users and feedback I've asked for from various forums. One point of feedback was really important. The user felt that when you first start the app you are welcomed with a screen with a huge gap in the middle. So I made the middle part dedicated for browsing through categories and all the searching should be done through the search screen. Another user told me that the app doesn't bring anything new to the table in terms of searching and finding, so I added more search options. The third big feedback I got was that the app was boring, colorless and not nice to look at, so I reworked the layouts and made it possible for the user to change background color/add background image. The last feedback I did take into consideration for this update was that the search screen was a bit confusing and that the video playback lacked features, so I rearranged the search screen a bit and added video playback features (it now has play, stop, mute, full screen and a timeline)
So you see, I use the feedback I get to make the app better, please keep it coming and I will possibly implement it.


I guess you all know what this post mean by now.
I've just release update 1.2.5. Inspired by another app this update brings the ability to create live tiles of projects to have them on the system's start menu screen and keep track of projects. Change log:

Added more backgrounds
Added ability to create live tiles of projects
Added all subcategories to browsing
Refined browsing
Fixed bugs
Added Help/FAQ to top appbar
Moved settings to top appbar


I just wanted to give you guys a heads up. I have updated this app a few times since my last post and I hope you find any of the changes interesting.

-Changes in version 1.3.0-
Added sharing projects over social network
Made browse also search through all subcategories of category is selected
Many minor GUI changes
Many bugfixes

-Changes in version 1.2.8-
Added Australian flag
Added filter option for project status
Added text for showing video time

-Changes in version 1.2.7-
Revamped most pages for a more unified look
Fixed FAQ/Description load bug due to changes of kickstarter.com
Removed "find atleast xx projects" slider

-Changes in version 1.2.6-
Separated browse and search, added browse screen
Made search faster
Fixed bug where background color wouldn't load
Many minor bug fixes and clean up code.


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