Windows 7 Freezes on Start Up

Jan 1, 2009
Hey, first a little background info, *a rant if you will*. Feel free to skip to the second paragraph. Anyway, my computer started like many with xp. I downloaded vista replacing xp and it worked great. I loved vista but was so intrigued about windows 7 and I just had to have a taste of its new superbar. So I waited patiently until build 6801 was done downloading and was super excited. I then found I had to do a bunch of crap like cramming everyfile if not deleting it so I could fit the instal files. I installed windows seven onto a seperate partion. I was pretty disapointed when I saw how bad it ran on my laptop. No aero like my vista, web games like flash and java could hardly run, no hardware acceleration, I couldn't use the superbar. I tried deleting the windows files and doing anything I could to uninstall it. I gave up on it until one day. My vista trial expired *I originally thought it just found out it was a fake until I realised the "pre activated" vista I downloaded wasnt' activated and it was just a 120 day trial. I now had a reason to use my windows 7. It wasn't fancy but it worked even when it realised it wasn't genuine either, (unlike vista which will only let me use the internet window *typing from it*)Windows 7 worked fine except for the black background. Thats the background of my problem (mostly me venting)

Anway, I cant get past the startup. It constantly freezes. The farthest i've gotten was the login page. I've tried rolling back drivers in safe mode and startup repair but so far nothing has worked. I'd really like to transfer my music off my laptop (or even listen to it) without buying a hardrive adapter to hook this thing up to my desktop. I cant exactly transfer gbs of music through an internet page (if you didn't know, all I can do on vista is see an internet page or two. No start bar or time even.) Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks for reading my rant (if you did) too!
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So your are running both Windows 7 and Windows Vista?? Or do I have that messed up...

It sounds to me like you might have gotten a bad copy of Win 7.. I've used Builds 6801, 6956, and Beta Build 7000 and hardly had any mentionable problems at all.. I also ran Windows Vista Ultimate 64 bit on the same comp as the 3 Windows 7 versions.. If your laptop ran Windows Vista perfectly fine then you shouldn't have any problems running Windows 7 as far as hardware goes... ;)

The public Beta will be dropping soon, you could wait for that and see if you have better luck.. Once you had the public beta you could clean install that over build 6801 then hopefully access your music... unless of course the files are on the partition with Windows 7...
You're correct. I have vista on partition 1 and windows 7 on partition 2. It just so happens that my music and windows 7 are on the same partition. When windows 7 was working, it wouldn't let me format and partitions. Is there anyway I can format the whole drive from the bios or something like that so I can just burn a disc of windows 7 and boot it up? Seeing as its fixing windows 7 or buying an adapter for the hard drive I don't really care anymore. I'm probably getting a new laptop soon.
No, unfortunately you can't use the BIOS to format a hard drive as it only "sets up" a HDD, it doesn't actually create any partitions or format them.. you'll have to boot up from either your Win Vista disc or a new Win 7 disc and format the whole drive during the install process... if it'll let ya do that... ;) OR use a program like Partition Magic to delete/format the partitions if you could get it installed and working long enough to actually do that... otherwise it's looking like you might have to go the adapter route... but to be honest it might not hurt to get a second opinion on this, what I suggested is just what I'd do but someone else may have another way around it.. :)
I cant even get on to any of the accounts so theres no possible way i can install any program on it. I'm probably going to have to get an adapter and i didnt see any on bestbuys website so im going to have fun looking for one. Thanks for all your help though.
No problem, sorry I couldn't be more help though... I do wanna mention, if you go the adapter route, you could try using an External Drive Box to transfer your music from your "botched" HDD to your other HDD... I've seen them on ebay for not too much money... and I'm sure if ya google them you could find one somewhere else maybe cheaper then ebay... :) worth a shot... the only thing is I've never actually used one so I'm not sure if it would be suitable for your situation.... just a suggestion.. ;)

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